SHRI LOGO UPLOADJoin Us: 12th November 2020 – 09.00 am to 3.30 pm

St Helena Community College, Education Learning Centre, Jamestown

“From Discovery to Discovery”

The one-day conference ‘From Discovery to Discovery’ brings Island based organisations and researchers together to share and exchange knowledge and experience, showcasing the diversity of research being conducted on land and sea.

The event marks the first year of operation of the St Helena Research Institute and seeks to celebrate the wide range of studies being undertaken and to highlight the benefits that research is bringing to society and our environment.

The speakers programme includes a behind the scenes look at historical research; an investigation into the genomes of Jonathan the Giant Tortoise, the oldest known living land animal, and the Island’s honey bee; new discoveries of endemic invertebrates, bone sharks, tropic birds and in shore marine habitat mapping: trials and tribulations of agriculture on the Island, new studies developing control methods for alien invasive invertebrates and vertebrates, tourism marketing, health promotion and teenage well-being. The event will conclude with an open discussion centred on the question “What is the role of Science, Research & Innovation?