A Multi-Disciplinary View of Islands

29 January – 08 February 2018

Researchers from across the world travelled to the island to participate in the conference that takes a multi-disciplinary view of diverse island environments with a focus on St Helena as a key case-study. The programme included anthropologists, sociologists, economists, ecologists, environmentalists, fisheries scientists, educational professionals and island experts; and brought together a wide range of disciplines to facilitate holistic thinking and ideas around islands.

The conference was sponsored by Enterprise St Helena, SAERI, Georgia Aquarium, Ocean Conservancy and SURE St Helena. Specialists from Georgia Aquarium presented on topics including the uniqueness of St Helena’s whale sharks and the growing issue of marine plastics. Georgia Aquarium’s research, in partnership with St Helena’s Environmental and Natural Resources Department research and collaboration with Georgia Aquarium; has already highlighted the importance of St Helena as a multi-use habitat for whale sharks.